Strawberry Seeds♦



This is the second session of my bio-organic half-sleeve. Inspired by coral and driftwood textures. Artist is Brandon Schultheis at Tattoo Afterlife, New York. I’m really happy with how this turned out. I will submit a full picture of my whole arm when I am finished with the last session.

went into the woods, and came out with this.

I got this done in january by T at black dragon tattoo in waukesha, wi! 
it’s part of the song “anklebiters” by paramore, written in @yelyahwilliams (hayley williams’) handwriting. 

My Beast tattoo. ♥ He’s always been my favorite Disney character. I’m almost 24 and I’ve been obsessed with him and the movie Beauty and the Beast since I was a baby. I used to carry a toy Beast with me when I was little and I would cry when I’d lose him or leave him somewhere. Now I have him with me always.Done by Serina Malec in Phoenix, AZ, USA